10 Murder Case In Nigeria 6 is Caused By Relationship Matters (Adultery And Infidelity)

10 Murder Case In Nigeria 6 is Caused By Relationship Matters (Adultery And Infidelity)
1. That any married man/woman having not divorce his/her first wife/husband and having affair/carnal knowledge of another woman/man who is not legally married to he/she has committed a crime known as adultery and is liable to 5 year imprisonment
2. That any man/woman that has born more than one child for you is automatically your husband/wife, where not legally married and having he/she, you cannot have affair/carnal knowledge of another man/woman who is not legally married to you is crime call adultery and offended will be sentenced to 5 year in imprisonment.
3. a). That at the expiration of the jail term, the convicted and his/her spouse will decided in the court before the judge/magistrate whether to live together or to divorce. That the court will concurred to there decision base on the interest of the cheated spouse
b). That ant person found guilty of adultery, having served the jail term will remain in the marriage only on the mercy of his/her spouse and dose not have any legal right to apply for divorce.
c). That where there’s ace to live together, both parties must sign undertaking in the court of law assuring the protection of the life and interest of each other.
d). That where both parties have a consensus to divorce and being concurred by the court of law, that any other convicted of having affair/carnal knowledge of a man/woman who is not legally married to his/her will be sentence to 5years imprisonment.
4. That every divorces must be approved by a competent court of law, any person (s) who divorced their marriage having not gotten the consent of the court and go into another marriage having committed adultery and will be sentence to 5year imprisonment.
5. That a widow who cannot live without a man is allowed to marry but where her child/children are young, she will legally get married to any man and still live with him in the house of her late husband, except where either of her children or all her children did not want the man to live their father’s house.
6. That ant single person found guilty of having affair with a married person who is not legally married to he/she, both will be sentenced to 6years imprisonment each.
7. a). That where a single man impregnated a single lady and refused to marry her or she refusing to marry him, the person that opted out of the marriage will be sentence to 6years imprisonment each.
b). That it is the exclusive duty of the court to decide who takes care of the child before, during or after the jail term.
8. That where the single impregnated lady and who impregnated her agreed not to marry, both will be sentenced to 7years imprisonment.
9. That any single impregnated lady who cannot provide the father of her child will be sentenced to 5years imprisonment and the state takes ownership of the child.
10. That any parent (s) friend (s), relation (s), or medical personnel found guilty of abetting divorce among the single impregnated/married will be sentenced to 6years impressment.
11. That every case of adultery should be tried and sentenced not latter than 90 days of its appearance in the court of


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