7 Reason That Made Her Pack Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. She has been impregnated by another man during September 2014,facebook when she comes back from school and not easy for to terminate the pregnant. So she has to pack-out so that her husband will challenge her of not allowing his on her.
2. She decided to go for another man who of her statue (OND) since her husband is not academy educated. Ref: to her conversation with Adewale Rahmon from Shagamu
3. Arinola, Fear of conscience of not been justice in our agreement and promise to startup our own business so that I can go back to school after she finish her own made her to pack out of the house
4. Social exposure experience during her OND made her want to flit and no way a married woman enjoyed such under a responsible man. Ref: she unfriend his child from her fb friend so that guys will not no she has child, Chatting with more than 5 man till 3am for many days, weeks, month
5. (Maybe not true) Latifah long time hidden secret that her first daughter is with the mother of the girl father’ mother at Agege sebotima. Ref: one of the close family members told me.
6. Her long time deny of property, she has to let the holder of the property know that her husband is maltreating her and cannot take good care of her by packing out, so that they can give her some. Ref: What her mother say, also what their first son say too.
7. Curse on her not to have setting in a man house


About Orienilawure

PledgeWorld Co. Executive Director (Finance and Project Executor), Born in the Northern part of Nigeria, origin from Southern of the country.
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